Gill Kopy Photography in Fraser Lake

Gill Kopy Photography

2123 Francois Lake Rd W, Fraser Lake, BC

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  • BC landscape photography
  • Original photography with artistic treatment largely based on nature’s design
  • Portrait and special occasion photography

Meet Gill Kopy

Gill Kopy is the owner of Gill Kopy Photography

Francois Lake, says professional photographer Gill Kopy, is a “haven for photography.” In fact, many of Gill’s favourite photos are of the lake which she has lived on for decades. Those photos, which have been made into framed prints and which also grace cards and other printed materials, now reside in homes and offices across BC and Canada, a fact that Gill is proud of.

Landscape photography had natural appeal to Gill, who is a nature fan. In fact, when Gill and her family first moved to Fraser Lake in the 1970’s, they had no power, no phone and there was barely even a road. But it was the fulfillment of a dream, and Gill loves the area as much today as she always has.

Gill has seen many changes in Fraser Lake over the years, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the friendly people who live here. Gill enjoys the sense of comfort and belonging that is characteristic of small towns like Fraser Lake where everyone knows everyone. She also loves being so close to nature and the many activities that come with it, particularly hiking, fishing, skiing, snowshoeing and even beekeeping.

Creative. Artistic. Original.

Gill Kopy has been photographing BC’s natural landscapes since 2007. Many of Gill’s works feature landmarks from right here in Fraser Lake, including shots of Francois Lake on which she lives. Gill has a particular talent for capturing a perfect balance of colour, light, shadow and mood that has made her work popular with buyers all over BC. In addition to landscape photography, Gill is also available for portrait and special event photography.

Contact + Hours

  • Monday to Friday
  • 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • (Closed Saturday and Sunday)


  • 2123 Francois Lake Rd W
  • Fraser Lake, BC
  • V0J 1S0, Canada

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